Article: Ranking The Most Beautiful American Cars Ever Made

February 27, 2023

Story by Marnus Moolman in HotCars

Sometimes even if cars are absolute pieces of trash, the design alone can make up for all its other shortcomings. Just take some stellar-looking SUVs for example like Land Rovers that could bankrupt you through maintenance and repairs, like the Range Rover Evoque. Albeit a ticking time bomb and sub-par when driving offroad, it looks elegant. Therefore, we still love them educationally.

Now, this opens to door to the age-old question: What is the most beautiful car ever made? Some argue it's a classic car such as the Jaguar E-Type, while others say Italian supercars like the Ferrari F40 take the cake, and some argue no car will come close to the BMW 507's gentlemanly stature. While that question remains open for discussion, we're here to address another: What is the most beautiful American car ever made?

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