Article: 25 Slang Terms Only Real Gearheads Will Understand

April 25, 2023

Story by Lyndi Castrejon in HotCars

Have you ever taken your car to get an oil change and felt hopelessly lost when the mechanic comes back with twenty other supposed problems that your car is experiencing? Or, maybe you took a shop class in high school hoping that some of that grease monkey lingo would rub off on you? In reality, learning about the car industry and general mechanical knowledge is something you acquire gradually over time, so we can all agree that some people shouldn't do their own car maintenance.

The only way that you can really learn everything there is to know about cars is to simply put yourself out there and expose yourself to some of those situations. Maybe you just need to attempt to fix a few small things on your own car, talk to local people at the auto parts store, or maybe a few friends about how to get through it. However, you’ll never really have the vocabulary of a true gearhead unless you have been there and done that, so to speak (or have grown up around someone who has).

ReadMore: Click Here to what what these slang terms are. How many did you know?

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