Article: Repost: The 2025 Corvette ZR1 at the Nurburgring

April 10, 2024

By Keith Cornett

With the huge news today that the new 2025 Corvette ZR1 was going to be revealed sometime this summer, we wanted to once again experience the sound and fury that we saw from the car when it was being tested last October at the Nurburgring.

This video from Stefan at CarSpyMedia gave us a great look at the upcoming Corvette supercar. It was the first time that we had seen the ZR1 without its heavy black camouflage and it also introduced a new large rear wing that was spied for the first time. Some of the cars there were also running with the Z06-style rear wing.

Read More: Click Here to read more about the ZR1 at Nurburgring and to watch the 3.46 min. video of the ZR1 going around the track.

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