Article: "Tail Lamps For Sale" - Another Point of View

June 17, 2012

A voice with experience and another point of view.

The lack of collision energy management on the rear of semi trailers is reprehensible in a country that espouses having auto safety as a major federal government initiative.

It's almost a sure thing that the occupants of the Corvette were seriously injured, probably fatally.

The Corvette was more than capable of handling this collision. The design capability of the trailer's rear collision device is almost laughable if wasn't such a serious deficiency that may have been a killer.

Those of us who've designed automotive energy absorbing safety systems know how relatively easily a system could not only be designed for these trailers but retrofitted to them as well. This is not academic.

These trailers are on the highway with us all the time and many, many drivers don't know or realize how truly dangerous they are.


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