Article: Getting your Corvette Ready for Auto Transport

April 18, 2016

Author Angela Caito A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. [WC: 1464]

Getting your Corvette Ready for Auto Transport

The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced at the General Motors Motorama in 1953 as a prototype or concept car. It has since become the most highly regarded collectible car produced by Chevrolet and has been a centerpiece for sales for the company ever since.

The Corvette is a car that although body style has changed throughout the years, it has held fast as the most easily recognizable vehicle on the road.
The Corvette is truly an alluring car and one that most definitely needs to be handled with the utmost care whether it’s sitting in a nice garage where it can await a car show or in the driveway where it can be driven daily.

If you are considering shipping the car to a new location for a car show or during a family relocation, you will really want to take into consideration how the car needs to be prepared and what the safest, as well as most budget friendly, way to ship the car will be.

It’s fairly easy to locate auto transport companies by doing a quick online search. You really want to speak to a reputable company that can handle all types of auto shipments and will ensure that your Corvette will be taken care of during transport. One such company, A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. has a reputation as a high quality, professional company that has an outstanding service record for nationwide and overseas auto transport and would be able to have your Vette scheduled quickly for safe and secure transport with either open or enclosed transport services.

How to Ship a Corvette

Now that you know where to look to locate a reliable company to handle the physical aspect of shipping the car, you will need to know which type of transport will be best for your personal Corvette. You can choose
from open carrier or enclosed carrier options.

Open Carrier:

Open carrier auto transport is one that you may be very familiar with as
open carriers can be spotted traveling on virtually every interstate across the United States. An open carrier can haul as many as 10 or more vehicles at one time safely when shipping locally or nationwide. If you own an 80’s model Corvette or one that has some minor damage, shipping with an open carrier will work just fine and your car will ship safely. Cars are exposed to the elements during shipment on open carriers but they will not have any unnecessary wear and tear or added mileage when they arrive at the new location. Open carriers are also very budget friendly and shipments can usually be scheduled fairly quickly. If you are trying to save money by shipping with an open carrier
but you still want added protection, it is a good idea to ask to have the car top-loaded. This may cost a few hundred dollars more, but it will prevent other vehicles from coming into contact with your car during the move.

Enclosed Carrier:

Enclosed carrier auto transport is simply the best way to ship a highly valuable Corvette or other classic or collectible vehicle. These carriers are fully enclosed and weather, road debris, vandals and other things that can cause damage to a car cannot come into contact during shipment. If you have a newer or even a classic 1967 or older model Corvette that you want to ensure full protection during shipment, enclosed transport is definitely the way to go. This type of transport is not quite as budget friendly as open carrier transport is, but if you have a lot invested in your Vette, you just cannot beat the environment your car will be in for shipment when you ship with an enclosed carrier.

Things to Remember

When you need to ship a car, especially one as exquisite as a Corvette, you need to keep a few things in mind before you begin to schedule everything. Auto transport is not something that runs on a fast schedule as many other things in life may be. Once you contact an agent at an auto transport company to book your car for shipment, especially if you will be shipping across several states, the agent will need to schedule other vehicles if none have been scheduled prior to your call, so they will have enough cars on the carrier. This means that it may take up to several weeks to have your car scheduled to be picked up. The carriers need to have a full load scheduled as this is
how they make a profit. Once the car has been picked up it can take as little as a day or two or up to a couple of weeks to have it delivered to the new location. This is dependent upon the distance between pickup and delivery as well as the weather, roadways, accidents, mandatory driver rest breaks that are monitored by the Department of Transportation and even other customers arriving late to drop off or pick up a vehicle can delay transport for all cars that are on the truck. Sometimes, the shipment may not take as long as expected and the driver will contact you to meet him earlier than you expected to pick your car up. You need to make sure you exchange telephone contact information with the driver when he picks the car up so he can contact you if the car is shipment will be delayed or if he will be arriving early.

Insurance The Corvette will be insured by the company during shipment but you need to be aware that transport insurance will only cover the car if the driver has an accident or if the driver is negligent in a way that causes damage to the car. The carrier insurance will not cover hail or weather damage or other damage caused by acts of nature. You will want to contact your personal auto insurance agent and make sure that your personal auto policy will cover the car during auto transport. If it does not, you may want to consider adding an extra policy to cover it during shipment.

Cleanliness is very important during auto transport. Most Corvette owners already keep their Vettes in pristine condition, but for auto transport you will want to make sure it is free of dirt and debris that could fall onto other cars during shipment and you will also want to make sure the interior of the car has been cleared of all personal items. Not only does keeping the car clean ensure that it looks great, but it also helps ensure that the vehicle inspection that must be performed by the driver when he picks the car up will go smoothly. Cosmetic damage and minor paint chips or dents are easier to see on a clean car than on one that is covered with dust or grime.

Personal items are forbidden by the DOT to be hauled inside of cars being shipped on a professional auto transport truck, and they need to be removed so they will not add extra weight to the load and so the driver will not face possible penalties when he stops at inspection stations.

To fully prepare your Corvette for transport, keep the following tips in
    1. Clean the car inside and out
    2. Lower the fuel level to no higher than a quarter tank
    3. Make sure the antifreeze is filled, especially when changing climates
    4. Remove all personal items including paperwork, loose CD’s, clothing and other items
    5. Secure the top if you have a convertible
    6. Remove spoilers and other removable exterior accessories
    7. Disable the alarm
    8. Have an extra key set made for the driver to be able to start the car and unlock all doors and the trunk

Once your Corvette has been safely delivered you will need to walk through a post-delivery inspection with the driver. If you see any signs of damage you need to make sure the driver notes the damage on the Bill of Lading and that you contact a company agent immediately to file a damage claim to have the car repaired quickly. Keep in mind that accidents or vehicle damage seldom ever occur when shipping with a professional auto transport company, but you will want to make sure your car is sufficiently covered by insurance and that you take all necessary steps to guarantee safety during shipment.

This means being present when the car is picked up and delivered and paying attention to all details during the inspection.

Also, be sure to ask your auto transport agent about GPS tracking. Many companies today offer great tracking options and you should be able to check on the location of your car at all times during shipment.

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