5 Awesome Cars That Made Pontiac Great (5 That Led It To Its Grave)

November 1, 2022By Martin Peter on msn.com

This is not a Corvette article but a Pontiac article on a Corvette website because many Corvette owners were probably Pontiac fans.

General Motors has owned multiple brands over the years. While some GM brands like Chevrolet are still going strong today, some weren't as lucky, and are now defunct. One of these defunct GM brands is Pontiac, and it's arguably the on...
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Halloween and Show Your Colors w/GMC Corvette Set

October 31, 2022GMC Corvette Set members have been busy the last couple of Saturday evenings. The fun started with a Halloween Party last weekend (Oct. 22nd)and the fun continued last night (Oct. 29th) at the Red Ox Tavern with our “Show Your Colors” activity watching the Michigan v Michigan State football game. Despite the attire worn or the final game outcome, you can see everyone enjoyed themselves. Plenty...
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Color Tour October 2022

October 19, 2022What a great day for our Annual Fall Color Tour in mid-Michigan. On Saturday, GMC Corvette Set members participated in a great color cruise. Starting in Almont, we meandered through the winding roads of the Thumb and after two and a half hours circled back to the Pine Lodge in Dryden for an awesome meal. In addition to the awesome colors seen during the tour, you can see from the smiles that we ha...
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