March Happenings

February 25, 2021While most events in the City of Detroit and surrounding communities have been cancelled due to Covid19, there are a few venues that are open in March. A list of events from the "Michigan Monthly" as published by Diane Klakulak can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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The 6 Most Influential Figures In Corvette Design History

February 24, 2021By Josh Boyd in CorvSport

The History of America’s sports car is no doubt a colorful one. Now, nearly 70 years in the making, the Corvette is in its 8th generation of production and is among the most potent of performance cars currently available. However, this distinction did not come by happenstance. On the contrary, the Corvette’s continual evolution stands as a collective of thoughts, i...
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Will Anyone Restore Today’s GM Cars 30 Years From Now?

February 24, 2021By David Findlay in GMAuthority

Here at GM Authority, we often write about vehicles which have been returned to as-new – or in some cases arguably better – condition several decades after they left the factory. This led us to wonder: will the same thing be happening to today’s GM cars in the future? Or is it possible that, in 2050, more cars built in 1990 will still exist than those which...
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