Take a Trip Through Over 100 Years of Chevrolet History

August 23, 2020By Mitch Talley in CORVETTEBlogger

Take a trip through the glorious past of Chevrolet in this three-minute video, but the takeaway might be that this 109-year-old automaker’s best days could well be ahead of it.

“I’m really excited for the future of Chevrolet,” says Darby Barber, exterior designer. “I think it’s gonna be great.”

The company got its name from Louis Chevrole...
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5 Flaws Of The C8 Corvette That Are Engineering Genius

August 23, 2020By Andy Bolig in LSX Magazine

Everyone has been taking a closer look at the 2020 Corvette, trying to find chinks in its armor and ways to improve upon its already-capable performance. Heck, even Corvette Racing is just figuring out how to get the all-new C8.R around the track in the fastest manner possible! Congratulations on your two in a row Corvette Racing! But I digress.

The C8 Corvette ...
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GM Issues Stop Delivery Order to Halt Deliveries Until the Frunk Recall is Ready

August 23, 2020By Keith Cornett in CORVETTEBlogger

Last night we were glad to hear that GM had issued a recall notice for the 2020 Corvettes to address the “Flying Frunk” issue. But not long after we posted that news did we learn that Chevy doesn’t actually have software update ready for owners to download and apply the fix. A Chevy spokesperson updated their statement with us last night regarding the r...
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