How to Remove and Store a C8 Chevy Corvette’s Roof Panel Without Breaking It

May 20, 2024Story by Scott Evans in Motor Trend

Chevrolet Corvettes have had targa-style roofs since the third-generation C3 model of the late 1960s and early 1970s, so pulling one of the panels off and stashing it in the trunk is old hat for the faithful. In fact, for fourth- through-seventh-generation Corvettes, the targa top removal procedure has remained pretty much unchanged as the chassis design and ...
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May Happenings in Detroit

May 11, 2024Diane Klakulak is the editor and publisher of the Michigan Monthly that lists all the events that are scheduled in the Detroit area. To see sports, theater events and others for May 2024, click the link below.

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21 Facts Only True Fans Know About the Corvette

May 11, 2024Story by Abbie Clark in Ride Rambler

Think you know the Corvette? Sure, you might recognize its sleek lines and the roar of its powerful engine, but there’s so much more to this iconic car than meets the eye.

These are 21 facts that only the most dedicated Corvette fans know. Let’s see how well you really know the Corvette.

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