May Happenings in the D

April 30, 2023Diane Klakulak is the editor and publisher of the Michigan Monthly that lists all the events that are scheduled in the Detroit area. To see car shows, sports and theater events and others for May 2023, click the link below.

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The 10 Most Iconic Chevrolet Cars Of All Time

April 27, 2023Story by Samarveer Singh in HotCars

Chevrolet, over 112 years in the American auto industry, has become a force to reckon with. An indelible part of automotive history, the Chevrolet Motor Company has become a pillar of the industry, giving the market some of the greatest muscle cars, sports cars, and pickup trucks ever made. Chevy has also been a very reliable brand that rarely failed its cust...
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25 Slang Terms Only Real Gearheads Will Understand

April 25, 2023Story by Lyndi Castrejon in HotCars

Have you ever taken your car to get an oil change and felt hopelessly lost when the mechanic comes back with twenty other supposed problems that your car is experiencing? Or, maybe you took a shop class in high school hoping that some of that grease monkey lingo would rub off on you? In reality, learning about the car industry and general mechanical knowledge...
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