Article: (L) Corvette Fest Sponsor And Donor List

March 24, 2021

The GMC Corvette Set raises money at our annual Corvette Fest to donate to our selected charity, Leader Dogs for the Blind. Sponsorship dollars enable us to host this Corvette, and Guest Marquee, show which is our major annual fundraiser.

Donated items help us add fun and excitement to the Corvette Fest; we use some donated items as door prizes for participants while others are sold to the highest bidder at the Silent Auction.

Personnel from Leader Dogs for the Blind collect all moneys from the Silent Auction at the show. Therefore, your contributions go directly to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

GMC Corvette Set is aware of the hardships that many of our past sponsors and donors have experienced over the past year. However, sponsorships and donations are a very important element of raising money for Leader Dogs during our car show and we would be very appreciative of any contribution that you can make to ensure the success of our 2021 Show.

Below is a list of 2021 Sponsors and Donors that will be updated as businesses and individuals submit their contributions. We encourage our members to support these businesses who help make a difference for Leader Dogs.

If you would like to become a sponsor or donate an item click here to contact the Corvette Fest Sponsorship Committee.


Associate Sponsors

    Other Sponsors

    Donors of Goods, Equipment or Services

    • Bordine's Nursery
    • Wines for Humanity

      GMC Corvette Set Members

    • Paul & Pat Bieber
    • Greg & Madalon Blaszczyk
    • Allen Brown
    • Brad & Mary Contrucci
    • Carol Dimitry
    • Dina Exline
    • Art & Louise Floro
    • Robert Jason
    • Dave & Cindy Kotwicki
    • Cheryl Krause
    • Tom & Judy Lewandowski
    • Joe Lichwalla
    • Russ & Carol Miller
    • Patty Sandler[/item}

    GMC Corvette Set wants to thank everyone listed above, businesses and individuals, for their contribution to making 2021 Corvette Fest a success.

    August 3, 2021 Letter revised for 2021.

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