Register For Corvette Fest
Sept 3, 2022
Olde World Canterbury Village

Register For Corvette Fest
Sept 3, 2022 - Olde World Canterbury Village

2369 Joslyn Court
Lake Orion MI 48360

Registration gate opens at 8:00 am and closes at 10:00 am.
Event registration is limited to 150 vehicles.
First Place and Outstanding Trophies in all classes.
Participants using PayPal can register now or mail in their registration forms in advance and pay $25.00 using the form below. (We will charge $35.00 to those people that arrive on Saturday at the Show and have not prepaid.)
Preregistration closes 2 days before the Show.
All sales are final, we will have the Show rain or shine!

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Vehicle Information

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  Stock: up to 2 modifications, Modified: 3 modifications - wheels, engine coves, minor interior changes, Custom: 4 or more major modifications - resto mod, rad doors, custom paint, body panels.
Model Year:
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Total & Agreements

Order Total:   $25.00

When I register a Corvette for Corvette Fest I accept full liability for any injury or loss to me or my property, agents or employees at any time and from any cause on the premises of the Show. I expressly release the management from any liability for such loss or injury and agree to pay for my own insurance. The G.M.C. Corvette Set Inc., Canterbury Village and other Show sponsors assume no responsibility for injury to me or my property at the 'Canterbury Corvette Fest'.

I accept the above terms and want to register for the Corvette Fest.
The cost is $35.00 the day of the Show or you can preregister for $25.00.
Please bring a copy of your receipt, on the day of the show.

Registration form orders must be received by August 26, 2022.

If PayPal is closed when you pre-register, payment can be made the day of the show.

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Print and sign this page and mail with your check (payable to GMC Corvette Set) to:
   GMC Corvette Set
   1955 Cirrus Court, Leonard MI, 48367

I accept the Show terms as outlined above.

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